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 1991 Brown, Christopher Brick, NJ Jun 10, 2015 
 1982 Austin, Mary Beth New Smyrna Beach, FL Jan 24, 2015 
 1967 Thomas, David Dover, PA Nov 28, 2014 
 1979 McGuire, Tom Phillipsburg, NJ Nov 26, 2014 
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Class of '65 50th Reunion - UPDATE
More than sixty 1965 Bayley grads celebrated their 50th reunion at the Madison Hotel on September 19, 2015. Ed Mildenberger has shared this link to a video that was made for the occasion. Sounds like it was a great time!

Greg Mericle ('71)
Michael Cramer ('71) writes: It saddens me to inform the class that Greg Mericle passed away on April 24, 2014 of an apparent heart attack. Good friend. Services will be held this Saturday, May 3rd starting with a 12:00 noon MASS at Espiritu Santo Catholic Church (2405 Philippe Parkway, Safety Harbor, FL) followed by a memorial service at Curlew Hills Memorial Gardens (1750 Curlew Road, Palm Harbor, FL). If you have any questions, please contact Vivian at 727-288-5515.

Peter Haynes ('79) and Chuck Gildea ('78)
Two more of our Bayley Ellard brothers have been taken from us. Peter Haynes passed away on May 9, 2013, in New York City. More information can be found about Peter online here. And we were just notified that Chuck Gildea passed away on January 11, 2013, leaving two sons without their father. More information about Chuck can be found here. Please say a prayer for both Peter and Chuck and the families they left behind.

Class of '79 MeetUp site
Robert Havas ('79) has created a page for members of the class of 1979 as a way of keeping in touch and arranging informal get-togethers. Visit to register today.

Msgr. John Corr
We are sad to say that Msgr. John Corr passed away on April 28, 2013. Monsignor Corr was a teacher at the Bayley Ellard from 1952 to 1962 and was inducted into their hall of fame in 1988. He will be missed by all his former students.

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Carol Calling

Hey all Fellow Bishop(ette)s! Have some news or info about your life after Bayley that you'd like to share? and I'll pass it on. Here's the latest...

Larry Forno ('59) and others are are working on a plan to Honor the Hawes Sisters of Morristown for there contribution to Bayley Ellard to allow it to become a reality back in 1948 and also to Honor Msgr John Corr for all of his dedication to Bayley Ellard over his career of 60 years as a priest. They plan to do this in conjunction with as many class reunions as they can and would love to hear from ALL of you with any ideas. Larry can be reached at

Annemarie Landishman (Naughright) writes: We are shocked and saddened to hear about the murder of Beth O'Brien ('76). She was a wonderful person and a lot of fun. She will be sorely missed. If anyone would like to make a donation to and education fund for Beth's son, please send to Elizabeth O'Brien Fund, 181 Howard Blvd., M209, Mt. Arlington, N.J. 07856.

More sad news, I'm sorry to say. Mark O'Sullivan ('85) wrote: "With great saddness I submit to you that we have lost another Bayley Bishop. Robert Bazaral, Class of '84 passed away November 29, 2007. He was 41. Bob had a zest for life and a love for the water. He leaves his wife Natalie and his son Bob from his first marriage. His Brother Brian and sister Dana. Farewell Bob we will miss you."

I'm sorry to report some bad news. Lorraine Allen ('76) wrote: "I am saddened by the death of one of our classmates and friends. Kathy Geraghty class of 1976 passed away. May she rest in peace. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends." Thank you, Lorraine, for letting everyone know and we share your sympathies for her family and friends.

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Shake Hands With The Bishop
Dear Bishop:
Hey Bish, I have wondered about this since I was at Bayley and was hoping you could help. Back in my day they used to call the nuns at Bayley "penguins" but I never knew why. Any ideas?
--- Walt Garner ('74)

Dear Walt:
Well Walt, I think the reason they called them penguins was because Orcas hated them. Or maybe it was because their breath always smelled like fish. I'm no expert, but I think one of those is right.

Dear Bishop:
I haven't had any contact with a guy named Mark Doherty ('81) since he graduated from Bayley the year before my class. What should I do?
--- Joe Ryan ('82)

Dear Joe:
Count your blessings.

Dear Bishop:
I remember my friends and I drinking Leroux Blackberry Brandy when we were at Bayley. Ski trips, winter dances, and proms were just a few of the excuses we used to pick up a bottle. Thanks to the old man who worked the counter at Park Liquors, acquiring it was never a problem. Anyway, since leaving Bayley I have never seen or heard of anyone drinking Blackberry Brandy. What gives?
--- Paul Cordenza ('85)

Dear Paul:
Wow, did your letter bring back memories. Leroux Blackberry Brandy, the winter drink of choice for the kids at Bayley. Fact is no one you know drinks it anymore because they all grew up. Blackberry Brandy is a teen phenomenon, like making out in a car. As a matter of fact, those two things went together often in my day, but that's another story.

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 1980  Dan Anderson ('81) and Sean O'Neill ('82) promote their new film, "The Black Hole," on the PATH train to Hoboken. Tired commuters are unimpressed.


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