The Bayley Top Fives

Completely Unscientific Polls of Bayley Grads

Top Prom Memories

Ugly tuxes and questionable hair style choices are not the only things Bayley grads remember about their prom.

Prom Memories

  1. Rocking peas & carrots combo
  2. All that cleavage
  3. Watching nerds dance
  4. Look on date's face when I puked
  5. Slow dance with John Burns

Our Favorite Concerts

Whether it was the PATH to the Garden or a road trip to the Meadowlands, concerts were a big part of life at Bayley.

Top Concerts

  1. Springsteen - The Garden, 1980
  2. Woodstock, Bethel, NY 1969
  3. The Dead - whichever show you weren't at. It was the best, man.
  4. No Nukes - The Garden, 1979
  5. Paul Stobler Project - The Final Exam, 1983

Our Future Plans

We asked Bayley grads what they hoped to do after graduation. These were their top answers.

After Grad Plans

  1. Go to dinner at Rod's.
  2. College, job, married. Not necessarily in that order.
  3. Finally get to be an SS at Friendly's.
  4. Booze, bogues and broads. All day, every day.
  5. Not this telemarketing shit, that's for sure.

Libations We Loved

The drinks Bayley students enjoyed most.

Favorite Libations

  1. A pint at The Dublin
  2. A bottle of Boone's Farm Tickled Pink at Loantoka
  3. Lowenbrau nippers at Mike's party
  4. 7&7 with girlfriend...any time, any place
  5. Whatever we had on ice by the dumpster behind Friendly's