Yearbook Cause of Marriage Strife

An old Bayley yearbook has led to tension in the 11-year marriage of Karen Otis (’80) and her husband Andy. “I came home from work the other day and Andy is sitting at the table looking at my old yearbook,” Karen said. “All he said to me was, ‘Who the hell is Doug Carson?'” It took me a minute to remember that Doug was a kid from Bayley who was in a play I did, but I hadn’t seen or heard from him since I graduated. Apparently Andy thinks I’m having an affair with him or something.” When reached for comment in the basement, where he has been spending most evenings since going through the yearbook, Andy claimed, “I know what I read and that’s all the proof I need. This Doug character wrote that he’d love Karen ‘forever,’ and last I checked it was still forever.” Upon hearing this Karen yelled down from the kitchen, “Yeah, whatever…you big dick.”