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Sister Rita Walsh

We are sorry to inform you that Sister Rita Walsh (formerly Sister Anna David) who was Latin Teacher and Vice Principal in the 1950’s and 60’s died on August 14, 2021. Sister Rita loved her years at Bayley-Ellard and kept in touch with many alum. Please remember her in your prayers.

Pour Some for the Homies

We have no idea what that means, but we heard it’s hip with the kids these days – and no one has their finger on the pulse of today’s youth like the staff. Anyway, Alyson Ramsey Johnson (’94) and others will be at the final Bayley graduation on Wednesday, June 1, to offer a …

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Bayley No More

Since it’s not much fun to kick a dead horse we don’t have any snide remarks or jokes to make about the closing of our alma mater – we all need to work through the supposed stages of grief that nut job Kubler-Ross pulled out of her ass. Once that’s out of the way we’ll …

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Yearbook Cause of Marriage Strife

An old Bayley yearbook has led to tension in the 11-year marriage of Karen Otis (’80) and her husband Andy. “I came home from work the other day and Andy is sitting at the table looking at my old yearbook,” Karen said. “All he said to me was, ‘Who the hell is Doug Carson?’” It …

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Bayley Grad Gets Published

Author Mark Lillet (’96) had his first short story published in a national magazine this month. The story, based on Mark’s own experience in college, is a whimsical coming of age story set during Parents’ Weekend his sophomore year and involves “a few brewskies, a couple of jello shots” and his roommate’s “unbelievably hot mother.” …

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Mascot Change Considered

In light of recent events which have tarnished the image of bishops throughout the United States, Bayley-Ellard administrators are considering changing the beloved mascot of the school. “We just think it might be time to change to a mascot that doesn’t have such a negative image with the public,” said one high ranking Bayley official. …

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Google Search Comes up Short

A Google search on his old high school turned up surprisingly few results for Dan Salmont (’89). “Everyone keeps talking about Google, so I went there to see what sites were out there on Bailey(sic)-Ellard. Talk about nothing being out there. A couple of articles about sports; some story that has something to do with …

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BEBC Joins Trilateral Commission

The Bayley-Ellard Brew Crew (BEBC), formed in the Fall of 1978 by a group of seniors who most thought just enjoyed drinking beer, is actually a part of the Trilateral Commission, according to a secret memo obtained by According to those who know, the Commission was founded in 1973 by “David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, …

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Permanent Record Haunts Graduate

Years after graduating Bayley-Ellard and living what appears to be a rather exemplary life since then, marks on the permanent record of Bruce Castleton (’78) continue to haunt him. “That damn permanent record almost cost me a mortgage a few years back,” Castleton says from his home in Tempe, “and just last year it damn …

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