Google Search Comes up Short

A Google search on his old high school turned up surprisingly few results for Dan Salmont (’89). “Everyone keeps talking about Google, so I went there to see what sites were out there on Bailey(sic)-Ellard. Talk about nothing being out there. A couple of articles about sports; some story that has something to do with Dawson’s Creek, wherever the hell that is; and the resume of some NYU chick who says she worked at the Bailey(sic)-Ellard School for Gifted Children – what the hell is up with that? Talk about padding the resume! Gifted? That’s funny! Anyway, you would think the old alma-mater would have more stuff out there, but I guess Bailey(sic)-Ellard isn’t a big stop on the information superhighway.” Mr. Salmont indicated he may run another Google search in the future, but for now he is having too much fun on AOL, especially the chat rooms.